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Mutation and Evolution - How We Are Changing the World Around Us

Fat polar bear swimming in Hudson Bay

Rewilded tiger fitted with a kill switch

Rhinoceros with no horns                                                                      

White House crow

Elephant that has no tusk

Largely, the changes are the result of human intervention, though, like selective breeding, or wildlife protection measures.

Renhui works with the Institute of Critical Zoologists, an organization that brings together artists and scientists to research the relationship between humans and animals.

Fast Company Design                                                Robert Zhao Renhui

Abandoned Shopping Malls - United States of America

When the sprawling Randall Park Mall opened near Cleveland in 1976, it was briefly the largest in the world.

Developers touted it as a symbol of the good life in suburbia. The small town where it was located added two shopping bags to its municipal seal in homage.

Fast Company                                            Seph Lawless